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Navrhněte kandidáta Ceny Olgy Havlové 2013

COH_2013Znáte někoho, kdo navzdory svému
zdravotnímu postižení pomáhá ostatním? Navrhnete ho/ji na
Cenu Olgy Havlové 2013.
Nominace na cenu zasílejte                      do 15. dubna 2013
Výboru dobré vůle – Nadaci Olgy Havlové. Slavnostní předání ceny se bude konat 13. května 2013.

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Představujeme – Kosova Open Medical Club

Kosova Open Medical Club – KOMC

Kosova Open Medical Club – KOMC is founded in 2005 as proposal of former fellows in the Salzburg seminars organized by American Austrian Foundation and Salzburg Stifftung.

KOMC headed by its president Mr.Sc.Dr.Bujar Gjikolli, implements the American Austrian Foundation AAF project and it became a leading force in supporting the training of Kosovar doctors in Austria, in coopeation with the MOH. Up to date more than 265 participants of Kosovar doctors has been recorded from whom 21 have been for one month internship in the Austrian hospitals. Dr. Gjikolli prepares and advertises the project all around Kosova by giving presentations about the project and its benefits, aiming to bring the project to the doctors of whole Kosova.

KOMC has signed MOU with the Ministry of Health of Kosova, with the Dean of Medical School in the University of Prishtina and with the National Institute of Public Health of Kosova. In October 2008 KOMC has organized the first satellite symposium  together with AAF in Prishtina the capital city of Kosova with the subject of neuro radiology diagnostics and neuro interventional procedures. More than 120 doctors from all over Kosova participated and it was live transmitted through telemedicine also to the other regional hospitals of Kosova. Additionally, KOMC brought books to the University Clinical Center of Kosova four years in a row and to the Medical School in Tetova Macedonia, donated by Jane Lowers, Diagnostic Imaging journal from the USA. KOMC was part of the best project implemented in support to the Emergency Centre University Clinical Centre of Kosova in rebuilding and donation of equipment by Czech Development Agency during 2009-2010.

Seeing the tremendous need for palliative care services to the terminally ill patients with malignant diseases, KOMC is trying to fundraise the sufficient support to create mobile teams of doctors and nurses who will care for those patients in very difficult economical situation Kosovars live.

KOMC president Dr. Gjikolli has been received twice by the former President of Kosova and by the Prime Minister of Kosova for its activities and contribution given to Kosovars.

Mr.Sc.Dr.Bujar Gjikolli M.D.