CME – Continuing Medical Education

CME or continuing medical education refers to programs and initiatives designed to help keep medical professionals abreast and in tune with developing and progressing technology in their respective industries. Science and medicine are always progressing, and the same needs to be true for physicians and other professionals in the healthcare industry.

CME programs are designed to ensure that all medical and healthcare professionals are are current and up-to-date with all new advancements.

CME courses are designed to take place either as live events, conventions, online study courses, interactive case studies, or self-study programs that are all geared toward furthering the education of the medical professional.


All Continuing Medical Education programs are overseen either by the state in which the medical professional is in practice, or the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education or ACCME. ACCME’s job is regulate and develop standards in order to ensure quality and transparency in continuing medical education programs and providers.

You can find out more about the ACCME here


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